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Three website screens showing different sections of Constance's website: A passionnate team, wine selection and the world map

Translating wine distributor’s expertise through a digital showcase.

Constance Fine Wines specializes in the distribution and representation of prestigious vineyards worldwide. The company is proud to collaborate with carefully selected vineyards in each wine region, aiming to serve as fervent ambassadors for these winemakers. Constance is part of the Vins & Passions group, a company founded in 2004 by Renaud Lecoq and Jacques Carteau. With its expertise in Bordeaux's Classified “Grands Crus”, the company has quickly risen to the forefront of Bordeaux wine merchants in just 15 years.

Vins & Passions' profound knowledge of this market allows them to provide an international clientele with impeccable advice and reliable services. The goal was to create a website to provide a brief overview of the company, its activities, and its partners while translating the expertise and commitment to quality that the company offers.

UI/UX Design


Agency: Rinia

Showcasing Constance's partners through vineyards and bottle visuals Details of the website with different sections

Highlighting wine bottle and landscape of each vineyard aims to translate the diversity of products offered by Constance.

The world map further reinforces the idea of diversity and international presence.

All elements used in the UI Design of the website, including logos, colors, fonts, icons and buttons
Close up detail of a website block, showcasing the GT Alpina font and the arrow button Two websites screenshots showing the 'Excellence' and 'At the service of great wines' sections


Client - Constance Fine Wines
Agency - Rinia
Web Development - Pierre Quevedo
UI/UX Design - Valentin Lachayze

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