I am Valentin Lachayze, a student in digital design
from Bordeaux, France. Currently studying at the
Bordeaux-Montaigne University.

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Clients : Adobe Campaign, Hello Cognac

Monette Agency  — Grapic Designer intern
April - June 2019

Goodkids Studio  — Art Director Assistant intern
June - July 2018

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Featured in

Unsplash, Adobe Blog ¹, The Dots, Ello, Blog du MMI, XD Guru, Inkbot Design

¹ Talks about Adobe Campaign working with Behance creators.

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About me

Hi ! I'm Valentin, a student in digital design and media from Bordeaux, France. Currently, I am studying multimedia professions at MMI Bordeaux.

I had the opportunity to work with awesome people during my studies, and to work with great brands like Adobe by doing freelance work and personal projects.

If you’re interested by what I’m doing or you want to work with me, take a look at my resume and do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks !

Services and Capabilities

Visual identity, Logotype, Print, Poster, Motion Design, UI/UX Design, Style Guides, Art Direction, Front Web Design

That's me

Currently open for freelance work,
collaborations and new opportunities.
Want to get in touch ? Say hi.

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