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Agence Rinia

Promote the expertise of young talents through a digital agency.

Rinia, meaning "youth" in Albanian, is a French digital agency that focuses on Web Development, SEO and Social Media Management. The agency promotes employment for graduates in order to bring a current and modern vision to their work.

As a new agency, I helped Rinia define its visual identity through its digital and modern values. The identity had to evoke youth while maintaining a universe evoking know-how and expertise. Finally, the development of the agency's website aims to present its services and achievements.

Branding, UI/UX Design



Agence Rinia logo Rinia 'R' pattern
Agence Rinia's Style Guides book

The logo

The "R", composed of geometric shapes, symbolizes the precision and attention to detail of the agency, with a reference to technologies and in particular to web development.


With a fairly lively palette, the agency conveys both modern and dynamic values. Shades of blue represent trust and knowledge, while yellow symbolizes youth and friendliness.

Right Grotesk by Pangram Pangram Foundry Colors: Midnight blue, blue RYB, Azure and Mikado Yellow

The handwritten shapes underline the editorial content while contrasting the geometry of the logo and the rest of the identity. This duality between attention to detail and creativity evokes the approach chosen by the agency.

Logo guidelines Website overview
Style guides details


Client - Rinia Agency
Pierre Quevedo
Branding, UI/UX Design - Valentin Lachayze

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