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Love at Home

Love at Home beige business cards grid on a dark grey background

Reconciling the pleasure of creating and respect for the environment through an upcycling approach.

In the southwest of France, "Love at Home" was born from the desire to reconcile the pleasure of creating and respect for the environment. Chrystelle, its designer, gives a second life to old fabrics by offering handmade creations, such as cushions, bags, and decorative elements. These fabrics consist of old military canvas, hemps, or leather.
As a new company, Love at Home needed a strong visual identity to stand out, as well as an intuitive and minimalist site to highlight the unique aspect of each creation.

We defined a visual identity around simple and warm values, specific to craftsmanship, handmade and “Made in France”. The branding around the star evokes the military origin of certain fabrics used and recalls, with warm colors, Scandinavian inspiration.

Art Direction, WebDesign, Print, Photography



Hand bag Hand bag

The color palette was inspired by earthy and neutral tones, reminiscent of the simplicity and authenticity of the structure. Inspired by Scandinavian interior design, which is a big influence within Love at Home's work.

Colors guidelines: Raisin Black, Quick Silver, Black, Gainsboro and White Fonts guidelines: Orpheus Pro and Aperçu
Love at Home prints : 1.5 inches stickers and business cards (front and back)

Regarding the website, 74% of Love at Home's traffic comes from mobile devices, which justifies an approach that favors responsiveness and mobile experience.

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Conversion rate over the first two years of activity. The average for household equipment and interior decoration is 1.55%.


Annual growth in the number of unique visitors over the first two years of activity.

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Client - Love at Home
Chrystelle Chêne
Art Direction, Webdesign, Print, Photography - Valentin Lachayze

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