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PassingShop logo detail representing a padel and tennis ball

Game, set and match.

Art direction and creation of the graphic style guides for PassingShop. PassingShop is an online store based in France that specializes in selling equipment for padel, tennis, and other racket sports. This store offers a wide range of products such as rackets, balls, shoes, clothing, and accessories.



Agency: Encore

PassingShop alternate logo with various color combination
Passingshop custom tape for packages PassingShop color palette: Dark Green, Sacramento State Green, Orange Pantone and Blanched Almond
Instagram story templates for social medias
Tennis ball on a green tennis court ground Two padel rackets on a green tennis court ground


Client - PassingShop
Agency - Encore Design
Project Manager - Matthieu Lavauzelle
Branding - Valentin Lachayze, Émeric Dumargue

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